Meadowville. Connect Here.

Welcome to the Intersection of Connectivity and Speed

In tomorrow’s world of commerce, success will be fueled by global connectivity, and business interactions will be measured not in quarters or days, but in minutes and seconds.

In tomorrow’s economy, businesses won’t have time to wait for infrastructure to be built or connections to be made. They will demand immediate access to the physical, digital and human infrastructure they need to thrive.

Meadowville is a village built at the intersection of roads and rivers, information and infrastructure, power and people. At Meadowville, tomorrow’s businesses are connecting today.

Meadowville. Connect Here.

Meadowville. Connect Here.

Connections & Sites in Meadowville.

Physical Connections

Meadowville's physical infrastructure is optimally suited to a world where businesses need to move faster & connect globally.

Superior access means your products get in and out of your facility faster.

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Digital Connections

Impressive high-speed Internet access and high-capacity electric power are standard digital connections in Meadowville.

"Plug and Play" digital connectivity means faster start-ups and quicker responses.

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Human Connections

Meadowville & the Richmond metro area are magnets for labor, drawing a workforce from 40+ localities statewide.

A deep, wide labor pool means you can find the talent you need right away.

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What do you think of Meadowville?

Meadowville has been a great place for attracting and retaining highly-skilled and knowledgeable employees. Our staff is critical to our success, so we must have a facility and location that appeals to these information technology professionals. We have that facility in Meadowville. We’re glad we connected here.

Meadowville is a great place for data center operations. Our consistent, high-quality and redundant power infrastructure provides the reliability our information technology customers demand. Connect with Dominion in Meadowville.