About Meadowville

Meadowville is a village built at the intersection of roads and rivers, information and infrastructure, power and people.

Meadowville, located in Chesterfield County, is one of Virginia’s largest, most innovative, and most connected employment centers. Our 900 acres are connected to world markets by the James River, the Richmond International Airport, Interstates 64, 95, and 85 and the tree lined Meadowville Technology Parkway.

Meadowville is already home to major technology, financial, and logistics corporate leaders that coexist with high scale residential development and Chesterfield County’s natural beauty.

Each carefully planned land bay is connected to the world through reliable and redundant power, exemplary telecommunications, abundant water, sanitary sewer, natural gas, ponds and walking trails.

Future plans include over 8 million square feet of data center, logistics, research, manufacturing, office, and hospitality neighborhoods connected to a vibrant Towne Center and Sustainability Park.

Our workforce provides the foundation for successful connections.

Meadowville is near the center of a 670,000-person workforce in the Richmond Metropolitan area. Prevailing wage levels are moderate, but Meadowville-area employees have above-average levels of education and skill.

Meadowville-area employees work in a business-friendly environment rich with training opportunities. Ancillary employment costs, such as workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance, are among the lowest in the nation.

“Fast-Track Permitting” can get your project connected faster.

Chesterfield County can offer fast-track permitting of both site and building plans review should a project need to be expedited. Our proven success with this process has been demonstrated with a number of development projects in Meadowville and can be further outlined upon request.

How Fast Is “FastTrack”?

Financial incentives may be available for qualified projects.

For qualifying projects, Chesterfield County may be willing to consider financial incentives on a case-by-case basis. The value of these incentives will be dependent upon the total investment (land, building, equipment) and employment numbers estimated for the project, pending direct discussions with the prospective company.

Our experienced development team can help with your “Build to Suit” project.

The Chesterfield Economic Development Authority (CEDA) owns the undeveloped property in Meadowville. The CEDA works in conjunction with the Chesterfield County Department of Economic Development to help create new jobs, expand the tax base and diversify the economy of Chesterfield County. The Department of Economic Development handles the day-to-day management of the development projects in Meadowville.

Timmons Group has been a strategic partner at Meadowville since the Economic Development Authority started purchasing over 1,300 acres in the 1990s. They have worked closely with the CEDA and the Department of Economic Development to plan, design, and construct the road, sewer, and waterline infrastructure that connect this part of Chesterfield County.

Timmons Group designed the interstate interchange that helped to connect Northrop Grumman, Amazon, and Capital One and were instrumental in making sure these projects were completed on schedule and within budget. They also connected the surrounding neighbors, the elected officials, and the Urban Land Institute to incorporate their vision for Meadowville into the current dynamic master plan outlined on this site.

Most recently, Timmons Group led the re-branding efforts that connected the physical, digital, and human assets of Meadowville with the world.