Digital Connections

“Plug and Play” digital connectivity means faster start-ups and quicker responses.

Impressive high-speed Internet access and high-capacity electric power are standard digital connections in Meadowville. In tomorrow’s world of commerce, success will be fueled by global connectivity, and business interactions will be measured not in quarters or days, but in minutes and seconds. Those interactions will run on high-speed networks that demand reliable power. We have both in Meadowville today.

Electric Power Connections in Meadowville

Dominion has a saying, “Power that delivers.” And Dominion delivers plenty of electrical power to the sites in Meadowville. And that power connection is “plug and play”.


When it comes to powering your data center or advanced manufacturing operation, you want an experienced company that can deliver consistent, high-quality electricity. You want competitive rates and a knowledgeable team of professionals that you can trust. Dominion delivers that connection in Meadowville. Current service is 34.5 kv on site with 230 kv transmission available for large capacity loads.


Telecommunications Connections in Meadowville

Verizon states they are, “Building a Broadband Future for Virginia… Today!” In Meadowville, Verizon is delivering that future by building superior networks and delivering innovative technologies.

In the Meadowville service area, Verizon has an extensive fiber optic network with digital switching capability and Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) self-healing fiber optic rings insuring uninterrupted service. ISDN/PRI is available at all locations served by Verizon. Special Access Services (DS1, DS3, OC-12 and OC-48) are available throughout the area.