Sites at Meadowville

Meadowville has the site you need to connect immediately.

Your business does not have time to wait for infrastructure to be built or connections to be made. At Meadowville, there is no need to wait. The sites at Meadowville are ready to go today.

The Timmons Group has helped us create a master plan for Meadowville that can accommodate a broad range of businesses and industries. Smart land planning has segmented appropriate uses to specific areas. Take a look at the master plan below to see where your business fits.

Meadowville Master Plan

Meadowville Masterplan Rendering

Site Description

Meadowville is located in eastern Chesterfield County, Virginia bounded by the James River to the north, Interstate 295 to the west and Enon Church Road to the east. The 900 acre site is currently zoned for office and industrial uses.

Main site access points are located at an interchange at Meadowville Road and I-295 and a southern connection from Enon Church Road to State Route 10.

Topographically, the site is relatively flat with areas of steep slopes to the north stepping down to the James River. Johnson Creek, a Chesapeake Bay tributary, flows through the site from north to south. The site also contains several jurisdictional wetland areas.

New residential developments are currently in the design and construction phases east of MTP. Portions of the eastern property line adjoining these developments are subject to 200 ft. setback requirements. Portions adjoining neighboring industrial developments are subject to shorter setbacks. The site is generally wooded with areas of hardwoods interspersed with stands of evergreen growth.